Sunday, September 7, 2014


Yesterday marks one year that my childhood friends mother suddenly passed away. When I read her post on facebook a sadness washes over me for her loss. She was a dear lady, who was so thoughtful and caring and she was almost the same age as my mom.

There are times in life when I need a good slap of reality. Frustrations build up, two toddlers who at times make my patience wear thin, the demands that pull at me from all directions and all the daily challenges that life brings somehow clouds my mind of what really matters. I am realizing I need these reminders.

It seems like just a few short weeks ago my kids were all outside waving excitedly at a crop duster who buzzed our house multiple times while spraying the field nearby. When the pilot was done he made sure to buzz the house one more time and wave goodbye. My eyes got a bit misty as I was standing there, remembering my dear friends husband was also suddenly killed in a crop dusting accident.

I could go on telling you of different people who God weaves into my life in some way or another to constantly remind me to be grateful for each and every breath. To appreciate the precious moments with my children,slow down a little and call a friend. I may not understand this side of heaven why God chooses to take a life so soon, but I am so very thankful He does remind me with such vivid examples to seize each day. I pray that I will not need to be reminded so often.