Friday, May 8, 2015

Sunshine after the rain...

There were so many times as a child I would go to sleep with the sound of rain on our tile roof, but my favorite part was smelling the fresh air in the morning and seeing the bright sun come through the shutters of my window. Just today a dark cloud blew over and seemed gloomy for awhile, but shortly after the sun came out and everything seemed new and fresh. I feel like there are so many times in life when things seem gloomy and we forget about what will come later. The sunshine always seems brighter after those light and temporary trials, we appreciate life just a little more and a new fresh start to a day or our week can change our whole perspective! There may even be a rainbow to see!
Thank you Lord, for sunshine after the rain!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Finding joy in everyday...

 Last week was a very challenging with these two littles.
While Jocelynne and Jay were gone on a camping trip, we ventured out to several parks. Lots of walks around our neighborhood, lots of days with no naps, a trip to DQ and the thrift store.  Nathaniel is talking so much now and testing boundaries. God has been reminding me to stop and enjoy the little hugs, the laughs and finding the good in the hard days.
 This message from my sweet girl was definitely a good moment!


Monday, April 6, 2015

Visiting South Dakota

  Laying Grandma to rest. It was so comforting to sing a hymn all together at her grave to remind us all that she was in heaven.

Sweet memories made with all of my cousins in grandma's attic.


Watching my uncle's cattle drive.
Plenty of cousins to play with.

Beautiful sunsets.

We stopped in the old mining town of Wallace. I love this statue depicting a miner and his family.

Monday, March 30, 2015

I miss you Grandma...

The past week and a half has been a whirlwind. No one is ever prepared to say goodbye to someone they love or maybe it was she that loved so much which makes it even harder. Even though I know I will see my wonderful grandma again, it is hard.
The night sky was so peaceful and beautiful the day we put her to rest. The moon was just a sliver and stars so bright.

 It was so good to see my family, to retell the memories in her home, laugh and cry with my cousins, be together like old times and go through some of her treasures. But I wish they could all stay. That I could sit at this table again and have her ask me how I want my egg for breakfast. I want to sip some coffee with her out of these white mugs.
 I want her to be wearing this spring dress and greet me with her warm smile and smell the familiar welcome scent her house always had.
 I want her to tell me to go explore in the attic and play dress up again with my cousins.
 I want her to put on her shoes and ask me to go look at her garden with her.
 And put on her sun hat and ask me if I want to wear one too. And tell me all about what she has planted and how surprised she is that her radishes are doing so well.
I want her to go down to her basement and pull out her green box of chocolates and ask me to pick my favorite. Most of all I just want to chat with her and to hear her voice, her wisdom and her caring heart. Oh, how I miss you Grandma.

Monday, November 3, 2014

This and that...

 Just a fun little skirt I found at a garage sale for 25 cents. The tulle was torn, so I cut it off and for $1 I bought some new tulle at JoAnn's and sewed another layer on. Love fun projects like this!
 Apples from the Tonnemaker farm nearby. Yum. Jocelynne and I made this yummy pie.
 This year we are counting down to Thanksgiving day. Each day the kids take out a little note with something to do or open a new book. I am excited this week Jocelynne has half days at school and we will be able to do some really fun things together.
 This is one of the new books they have opened already.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Yesterday marks one year that my childhood friends mother suddenly passed away. When I read her post on facebook a sadness washes over me for her loss. She was a dear lady, who was so thoughtful and caring and she was almost the same age as my mom.

There are times in life when I need a good slap of reality. Frustrations build up, two toddlers who at times make my patience wear thin, the demands that pull at me from all directions and all the daily challenges that life brings somehow clouds my mind of what really matters. I am realizing I need these reminders.

It seems like just a few short weeks ago my kids were all outside waving excitedly at a crop duster who buzzed our house multiple times while spraying the field nearby. When the pilot was done he made sure to buzz the house one more time and wave goodbye. My eyes got a bit misty as I was standing there, remembering my dear friends husband was also suddenly killed in a crop dusting accident.

I could go on telling you of different people who God weaves into my life in some way or another to constantly remind me to be grateful for each and every breath. To appreciate the precious moments with my children,slow down a little and call a friend. I may not understand this side of heaven why God chooses to take a life so soon, but I am so very thankful He does remind me with such vivid examples to seize each day. I pray that I will not need to be reminded so often.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


   I have been reading a book called, Say GOODBYE to survival mode by Crystal Paine. You may not have heard this title or the author, but I am sure you have heard of or seen her blog.  The title sure says it all, lets face it...don't we all think that the mom with a money saving blog has it all together!? I mean she has the time to actually be an active blogger! It has been so refreshing to read of her experiences and to know that as a mom I have experienced and can relate to many of the things she writes about. I love the practical advice she gives and the insight that gets me reevaluating my own journey as a wife, mother & homemaker.
    What are my priorities as a wife, mother & homemaker? Well, lets just say they have been out of whack and I am in the process of changing that! Somewhere along the way, with our family growing and life happening all around me I have let the unimportant creep in. This week I am purposing to make a few changes and I hope to blog more about them.