Wednesday, August 10, 2016


 This not so little man keeps us on our toes! He is crawling and standing up! Wanting so much to be walking and running with his brother and sisters. It is fun to see him learning and growing.
 Swimming lessons were a hit this year! Every morning the kids got their suites on first thing. They have each learned so much. Jocelynne is doing so great at diving.
 Emily, she was so afraid to put her face in the water and overcame it! I wish I had a picture of her face when she finally got it! She had a stomach ache that day from drinking so much water because she wouldn't stop swimming back and forth! Nathaniel did so good too. He has always loved the water.
 This picture of the morning sun shining in our window is so peaceful. I love summer mornings like this when I can enjoy my cup of coffee right here.
 Jay's brother David and his wife Adelle were in WA for a short visit. We were so blessed to connect with them and chat about Africa and get to hear about their work. It brings a whole new sense of appreciation for the smallest of things we take for granted.
 This last week of July was our long awaited, most looked forward to vacation of the year!
 The smile on Jocelynne's face says it all!! This is our first outing to the beach right after we arrived at Pacific City.
 Running down these sand dunes...feeling the smooth sand on our feet!
 Jaron's first time experiencing the ocean.
 This was the view and I could never get tired of it! Oh, the memories we made! Just going back and looking through our pictures brings a smile to my face.

 We found so many whole sand dollars. This is the only beach we have found them on.
 I love that even in these dry sandy dunes God places His beauty!

 ...and yes, this little beauty could not resist a pose.
 I feel like I could dedicate one whole post just to our vacation. On this years trip we asked each of our kids what they would like to do. Nathaniel said right away...I want to ride a steam train! So we found this one in Garibaldi, OR right up the coast from our vacation rental.
 It did not disappoint! It was beyond our expectations! This first car was completely restored with original lights and decorated old vintage suitcases. Here the conductor is punching our tickets!
 He is taking it all in!
 Just a short 30 minute ride up to Rockaway beach along the coast.

 We were able to get out for a short break and buy some fresh salt water taffy for a fun treat. Then 30 min. back. It was perfect amount of time for our family. Nathaniel, he wanted to stay on the train. be continued in my next post.

School is out, VBS and lazy summer days!

 The end of the school year! And this girl rocked it this year! She worked so hard at accomplishing the goals her teacher gave her and we are so proud of her!

 I am so grateful for all the helpers and work that goes into our VBS! It is truly a team effort and our kids look forward to it every year!
 This year I had fun helping with the little ones crafts. Jaron was so great and came along for the ride. It was fun connecting with friends and seeing these little ones get excited about God's word. I am always sad I don't take more pictures of my kids and the group of  awesome helpers. We had such a great team!
These girls crack me up! I always remember great times with my cousins growing up. Emily and Lana get along so great and always pick up were they left off. It was so good to have them visit.

 These two are also a great pair. Caleb and Jocelynne are the same age and have such fun together!
 We took them fishing, but didn't catch any fish.

June was a really fun month. We were able to visit with almost all of Jay's siblings and their families.The kids had so much fun playing with cousins. I did get pneumonia while Jay was in Africa. So many friends rallied around me and helped out with the kids and just encouraged me in so many ways. It was humbling and I am forever grateful for their friendship and support!

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Its that time of year when school is almost done, but not quite. End of the school year activities, the smell of fresh cut grass, longer days and evenings by the fire pit. I don't know about you, but I am ready for summer to be here! 

 Happy 8 months Jaron! Your smile brings everyone joy!

This sweet girl turned 5! Wow, how can that be?
Oh, spice things up, you are all in whatever you are doing and you have such a great imagination!  We love your hugs and kisses! We had so much fun celebrating you and Grandma! You are both amazing blessings!!!
I love this picture of my mother in law.  She has such a positive out look on life and a beautiful smile! She also has MS, but I have never heard her once complain about it. Thank you Lord for this amazing woman and the blessing she is to all of us! My kids are so blessed to have her as their grandma!

Jay was getting ready for his trip to Africa, but he took this curious boy on a little adventure hike. I love seeing the pictures they bring back.
 We were invited to this little cuties house. Isn't she a doll? She showed us around the farm.

 We helped feed the bucket calves! What fun!
 The kids also had fun in a big tractor tire and a pile of rocks.
 We also got to visit the chickens.

 Some fun at the park before Jay left on his trip to Africa.

Most of my pictures are highlights from this past month, usually that is what we all want to remember...the good times. While I do want to remember the good and fun times, there are days and moments that have been so hard for me these past few months. I prayed, clung to Jesus and had so much support from dear friends. I recently found this picture while thrifting. It immediately jumped out at me and I snatched it up. It was a gentle reminder to me that I can choose to find JOY in this journey of motherhood, that HE is my joy! At first when I counted the little birds on the line, I paused. Although I have four little ones in my care, and often get overwhelmed in that. He is taking care of my fifth. Thank you Father for this sweet reminder. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


 This month brought beautiful weather, some fun little getaways and surprise visit from grandparents!
The lilacs were in full bloom during my parents visit. It also was my Grandma Ardath's birthday. Thanks to my friend Sharon for sharing a few of her blooms with me so I could give them to my mom.
 Jaron loves texture. On our visit to a Seattle beach he sat and played with these rocks for quite awhile.
 Nathaniel loved watching these trains. The bridge down to the beach went right over these tracks. So fun!
 Dad found a few old fishing rods at a garage sale. He fixed them up and took the kids to the fish hatchery. Great memories made there!

 We took a little Sunday drive to Sun Lakes area. The weather was so beautiful. Seeing these family of geese was a treat for all.
 Em is growing up so much. This girl has determination and a tender heart. Love her.
 7 months old. Jaron is so curious. He loves watching his siblings play and daddy time.
 Love this picture.
Time to enjoy our hammock.