Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fun little projects

 This year I decided to make most of my gifts. This homemade soap was fun to make
 I also made this baby doll carrier for my little niece, Samantha.
 For my girl cousins I made these cosmetic bags with leather scraps from Grandma's old coat.
 ...and these are the kids ornaments this year. I finally organized them in little bags.
 Nathaniel's was commemorating our steam train ride.
 Jocelynne, a horse for her first horse ride on the beach.
 Jaron's first summer playing in the sand at the beach.
 Emily's first year at Kindergarten.
This was fun too. Sewing them all pajama pants for Christmas.

We did keep some traditions....

The first snow fall always seems so magical! These two have a fun bond. I love watching them!

 We did keep some traditions. We made gingerbread houses with friends.

 Nathaniel was so fun to watch at his Christmas program. He loves his teachers and going to HH.
 We also went and got our tree. This farm is just out of town.
 Our kids love playing hide and seek in all the trees. It feels like you are in a winter wonderland walking through all these trees!

A magic carpet ride to top off the evening.
 ...while the rest of us warm up by the fire.
 ...and then we set up our tree. I love watching the kids remember their past years ornaments and hang them up with so much excitement.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Not so Traditional December

This Christmas will be different. It has made me realize more about myself. Why do I value traditions, especially when it comes to my children?
Being an mk I've learned to be flexible, to take change as it comes and although there is much adventure and sometimes fun, it does get old. You long for stability and a sense of normal that tradition brings.
 The traditions that surround Christmas are etched in my mind. Even though we could not celebrate every year with Grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, we knew they were still getting together. They were having crown loaf, they were exchanging gifts, they were getting live trees and decorating them, our stockings were still hanging on the mantel, they were enjoying some of grandma's chocolates.
This year we will celebrate Christmas by the ocean with my family. In some ways it will hold tradition, from years in Brazil and spending time on the beach during holidays. For my kids it hold adventure and new memories made with their cousins....and thats ok. We will still be together with ones that we love. We will still read the most important story of all. Jesus, he is the reason we celebrate.

Giving Thanks in November...

For my hard working husband, who provides so well for our family.
For my dad who spends time playing with my kids.
Jaron has a special bond with his grampa.
For this boy, his energy and laughs.
For my mom and her all her help with the kids homework and dishes when she is here.
For the beautiful color of orange...reminding me of fall.
For pumpkins.
For cousins to laugh and play with.
For fun memories, sledding.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I've been falling behind on my posts. Jaron keeps us on our toes. He is now walking and climbing and getting into anything and everything!
 We started building our shed.

 We took a family day and went to Vantage. It was beautiful out!
 A hike with cousins at the Ginkgo Petrified Forest.
 The colors in the petrified wood were amazing.

 Jaron was a trooper.
These two make me laugh!
 The vibrant colors of fall are my favorite.

 Nathaniel turned 4.
 We had some fun and took him to look at all the machinery at the implement.

 We celebrated with a few of his friends too.
 The harvest party at our friends the Erlenmeyers is always a hit.
 Hay rides..

 ...and the church harvest party was fun as well. Even if we did end up with WAY to much candy.