Monday, March 30, 2015

I miss you Grandma...

The past week and a half has been a whirlwind. No one is ever prepared to say goodbye to someone they love or maybe it was she that loved so much which makes it even harder. Even though I know I will see my wonderful grandma again, it is hard.
The night sky was so peaceful and beautiful the day we put her to rest. The moon was just a sliver and stars so bright.

 It was so good to see my family, to retell the memories in her home, laugh and cry with my cousins, be together like old times and go through some of her treasures. But I wish they could all stay. That I could sit at this table again and have her ask me how I want my egg for breakfast. I want to sip some coffee with her out of these white mugs.
 I want her to be wearing this spring dress and greet me with her warm smile and smell the familiar welcome scent her house always had.
 I want her to tell me to go explore in the attic and play dress up again with my cousins.
 I want her to put on her shoes and ask me to go look at her garden with her.
 And put on her sun hat and ask me if I want to wear one too. And tell me all about what she has planted and how surprised she is that her radishes are doing so well.
I want her to go down to her basement and pull out her green box of chocolates and ask me to pick my favorite. Most of all I just want to chat with her and to hear her voice, her wisdom and her caring heart. Oh, how I miss you Grandma.