Wednesday, February 17, 2016

January 2016

Wow, this first month just flew by! I have a goal this year to blog more, as a way of virtually scrapbooking our lives. Something I want to spend more time doing, but you know when there are 4 little ones to attend to it does take a back seat these days. So here are some of the high lights...

We enjoyed Christmas break so much! Especially all the snow. This is the first time there has actually been enough to build a fort. The kids loved it! We also did a little tubing.

This girl turned 9! WOW, time is flying by. She is growing so much as a person. Finding her way in this world, being such a great big sister, persevering and conquering challenges in school. She loves reading and is into a few different series. We are so proud of her! We celebrated with some friends at
the ice rink and served up hot cocoa.

This little guy is growing so much! We love his smiles and giggles.

Emily loves her time at preschool she comes home with something new every day. She was trying to tell me about one of her teachers, "you know mom, that one, she is favorite, but ssshh, don't tell"

And this guy cracks me up. He wants to ride a diesel steam engine. :) He has big plans for his year!

My year could not have started out better with the love and care from these friends who give of themselves with wild abandon and celebrate life with me. So blessed!!!