Monday, June 22, 2015

Let's Celebrate!

 I like to have what we call "FUN DAYS" for the kids to celebrate special things. This time we celebrated the beginning of summer. I am not sure if the kids or I look forward more to the lazy days of summer. I forgot to take pictures once the excitement ensued, but I am glad I least took these.
I usually use things that we already have for decorating. The flag bunting is from Nathaniel's birthday which I made with twine and cloth triangles sewn on. The tablecloth is a piece of old fabric I found from the thrift store for $2, I used it for Christmas last year too. The little ants on started on the table and went through the house to lead to their surprise.

This old metal box was a goodwill find for a $1.50. The sun glasses and binder were also goodwill finds. I made Nathaniel's name out of magnets and cardstock.
These burlap bags were also .99 cents at goodwill, so I snagged a few for the girls and put their names on in fabric letters.
This little golden book I found at a garage sale for Emily. She is into kitties now.
Jocelynne loves the American girl doll books. I found this set at a fun thrift store in Wenatchee.
I thought Nathaniel would like these animals and board book also found at a garage sale for 50 cents.
Other than that I filled their bags with bubbles, play dough, sidewalk chalk, paints, coloring books and other fun things we love to do in summer. Each of the kids got a binder with their name on it. Emily will practice writing her name this summer. Jocelynne has a fun reading incentive game she is working on. I found all the printables here. I only printed the bingo card page and the coupon page. Cheers to another GREAT summer!

Its Summer!

 Lots of walks by the canal.
 Lots of sunsets.
 Lots of "tree watering"
 ...more sunsets.
 Finding bugs in the garden.
 Side walk chalk...or deck chalk if you prefer.
 Lots of daisies in bloom
 Sidewalk chalking with friends.

 Lavender in full bloom.
Hoping for many days filled with all of these things.

Strawberry picking...

 Our favorite strawberry patch closed last year and I was so sad. But this year we found a new one!
 Yay, for my strawberry pickers! They did an awesome job. Every time we went picking we got at least 10lbs.

Yum! This old strainer was a 10 cent find at a garage sale! It has been so handy for fruit.
Jam, is on my list of to do's this summer. I think I will make freezer jam next time around, but I couldn't resist making a batch of canned jam after getting these fun labels, papers and ties from a friend.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Camping at Steamboat Rock

 What a fun weekend! We camped with our friends Chris and Marie and their three boys. My only regret is that I didn't take more pictures. It was truly a fun time had by all.
Sweet Sammy

Our little Em always ready with a pose.

This boy was in heaven....he loves the water.

 Who says you can't play in the sand after dark?
Caught these two deep in conversation.

Marie brought some fun bubbles and these three couldn't get enough.

The evenings were so peaceful.

 Loved the wildflowers.
 Summer is here...and we love it!