Monday, June 22, 2015

Let's Celebrate!

 I like to have what we call "FUN DAYS" for the kids to celebrate special things. This time we celebrated the beginning of summer. I am not sure if the kids or I look forward more to the lazy days of summer. I forgot to take pictures once the excitement ensued, but I am glad I least took these.
I usually use things that we already have for decorating. The flag bunting is from Nathaniel's birthday which I made with twine and cloth triangles sewn on. The tablecloth is a piece of old fabric I found from the thrift store for $2, I used it for Christmas last year too. The little ants on started on the table and went through the house to lead to their surprise.

This old metal box was a goodwill find for a $1.50. The sun glasses and binder were also goodwill finds. I made Nathaniel's name out of magnets and cardstock.
These burlap bags were also .99 cents at goodwill, so I snagged a few for the girls and put their names on in fabric letters.
This little golden book I found at a garage sale for Emily. She is into kitties now.
Jocelynne loves the American girl doll books. I found this set at a fun thrift store in Wenatchee.
I thought Nathaniel would like these animals and board book also found at a garage sale for 50 cents.
Other than that I filled their bags with bubbles, play dough, sidewalk chalk, paints, coloring books and other fun things we love to do in summer. Each of the kids got a binder with their name on it. Emily will practice writing her name this summer. Jocelynne has a fun reading incentive game she is working on. I found all the printables here. I only printed the bingo card page and the coupon page. Cheers to another GREAT summer!

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