Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun for a $

Lately, I have been trying to find some fun, but inexpensive things for us to do together. Since she is getting older there is so much more that we can do! I was so excited to find this little package of beads for a dollar.
At first, she kept asking me if it was candy. :) I thought when we got home she would be disappointed that it wasn't. After I showed her what we were going to do, she was so excited.
"Look, mom! cute!" she says, as she holds out her wrist showing off her new bracelet. To me that was priceless.


michele said...

Oh this is soo cute!! That bracelet turned out great and what a fun little project to do together. :)

..and we're off! said...

Fun! I too am trying to find things for us to do. We are happy with buckets, sand and rocks these days. =)

Jessica said...

very cute. hope you are catching up on your sleep from this weekend. had a great time spending time with you!