Tuesday, April 20, 2010


JAN 2010 - OUR little girl turned 3 (not so little anymore)
I couldn't keep from sewing something...so of course I made this birthday banner.
Got inspired and made some coat pins from felt.
FEB - Jay worked on some projects!!!
Spent some time making cards :)
Had a very fun visit with Lori (Jay's sister) and Jaedon & Charisma (Lori's kids)
Went and visited Uncle Craig's baby goats.
MARCH - Jocelynne had fun kicking the ball around!
Loves riding her scooter!
APRIL ...We took a much needed vacation to the Oregon coast!
Grandma came to visit for a week.
Its almost summer...love seeing her strawberry stained smile!


Susanna said...

You are so amazing creative! =)

michele said...

These are fabulous!!!