Saturday, March 22, 2014


   I have been reading a book called, Say GOODBYE to survival mode by Crystal Paine. You may not have heard this title or the author, but I am sure you have heard of or seen her blog.  The title sure says it all, lets face it...don't we all think that the mom with a money saving blog has it all together!? I mean she has the time to actually be an active blogger! It has been so refreshing to read of her experiences and to know that as a mom I have experienced and can relate to many of the things she writes about. I love the practical advice she gives and the insight that gets me reevaluating my own journey as a wife, mother & homemaker.
    What are my priorities as a wife, mother & homemaker? Well, lets just say they have been out of whack and I am in the process of changing that! Somewhere along the way, with our family growing and life happening all around me I have let the unimportant creep in. This week I am purposing to make a few changes and I hope to blog more about them.


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