Wednesday, August 10, 2016

School is out, VBS and lazy summer days!

 The end of the school year! And this girl rocked it this year! She worked so hard at accomplishing the goals her teacher gave her and we are so proud of her!

 I am so grateful for all the helpers and work that goes into our VBS! It is truly a team effort and our kids look forward to it every year!
 This year I had fun helping with the little ones crafts. Jaron was so great and came along for the ride. It was fun connecting with friends and seeing these little ones get excited about God's word. I am always sad I don't take more pictures of my kids and the group of  awesome helpers. We had such a great team!
These girls crack me up! I always remember great times with my cousins growing up. Emily and Lana get along so great and always pick up were they left off. It was so good to have them visit.

 These two are also a great pair. Caleb and Jocelynne are the same age and have such fun together!
 We took them fishing, but didn't catch any fish.

June was a really fun month. We were able to visit with almost all of Jay's siblings and their families.The kids had so much fun playing with cousins. I did get pneumonia while Jay was in Africa. So many friends rallied around me and helped out with the kids and just encouraged me in so many ways. It was humbling and I am forever grateful for their friendship and support!

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