Monday, March 2, 2009

Porkchop Recipe

I am always on the lookout for great, EASY recipes. Recently, I was going through my recipe box and found this one. Normally I don't like pork, but I really liked this recipe. Enjoy! And if you need a recipe card to copy it out on...there are some fun ones to print out here:

Loveless Cafe Brazed Porkchops

Makes 2-6 medium sized porkchops. Use a large skillet with lid. Brown both sides of porkchops in a little oil. In a separate bowl mix all sauce ingredients together and pour over porkchops.

Sauce: 1 TBSP mustard
1 tsp garlic salt
1 TBSP red wine vinegar
2 TBSP brown sugar
1/3 cup water
a little bit of worchestshire sauce

Simmer for 1 hour. Remove porkchops and boil down sauce to a glaze, stirring constantly. Pour over porkchops and serve. mmmmmmmmm.

Sorry, I didn't take any mouth watering pics.

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michele said...

yum! I might have to try this. Hope your week is going well!