Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 2: Dress Challenge!


I thought I would take a few pics...even though this dress is not completely done. This is definitely one of the "harder" dresses I am trying to make. A lot of ripping out and resewing goes on, especially when there is no pattern. I hope to get it done soon and share some photos with Jocelynne wearing it.
Here are the little bloomers which made this dress even harder to resist making.

This is my inspiration for today's dress...from Chasing Fireflies. There are three dresses from thier catalog which I am attemping to make. Of course most of their clothes are way out of our price range, so I feel very vindicated that the total cost was only $10 to make this dress.


~The White family~ said...

Are you taking dress orders yet? ;) Very are very talented!

Natasha said...

These dresses are amazing! Where did you find the beautiful fabric??