Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 3...God of wonders beyond all MAJESTY!

#23 silence, just the ticking my clock while my kids nap.

#24 Sunshine, the warm feeling when it bathes your skin.

#25 the smell of clean laundry

#26 An elderly lady who said, I remember those days, reminding me that moments with my little ones are fleeting and I hang on to them a bit tighter.

#27 A book with a lesson, reminding not just my daughter, but me, that value is not based on how much you have.

#28 the smell of dirt as I work the soil in my garden.

#29 the smell of herbs, fresh and inviting.

#30 little babies, so fragile and sweet.

#31 Friends, inviting, warm and fun company!

#32 Laughter

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