Saturday, October 10, 2015

A new season... new beginnings...a new adventure...

 Its that time of year, when our kids go back to school. Bittersweet to say goodbye to summer and all the fun of having them home and just doing whatever. It was nice to hear Jocelynne say that she did not want summer to end on the first day of school. Her sassy new haircut says it all, she is growing up so fast. I want to hold on to every last bit of childhood with her and yet, she is beginning a new season.
 Emily, has been so excited to start happy hearts. I miss having her home too, but its been good for her to have some of her own time away. Lately she has been asking me to not walk her into the building. "You stay here mom", she says, and my heart cries a little. She too is spreading her wings and it is good, it is a new beginning.
 The last weekend it was still nice and felt like summer we headed over to Ephrata. We like their parks and enjoyed a little ice cream at DK's.
 This girl always has a pose for us.
 And then...Jaron finally made his entry into the world. Thus beginning a new adventure for our family. We get the question, "how is it?" Today my answer was, "Fun and crazy all at the same time."
 I love these next two photos. Nathaniel is probably having the hardest time with all these new changes. Both of his sisters are in school, he packs his back pack with all of his trains and begs to go with them. He does love his new little brother, but doesn't want to share his mommy time. So we are trying to make time for some fun activities together, just me and him.
...and some brother snuggles.

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michele said...

I love you! I love this post. Nathaniel is at a wonderful age and a tough age for a new baby. Sharing mama is so hard! But that little brother will be a friend for life.