Friday, November 20, 2015

Life with 4...

Whenever I see another family with more kids than I have, I always wonder...How do they do it? Even now with one more little one, it intrigues me. I'm sure there are many of us who ask the same question. Today I had two new ideas that I will be implementing into OUR family. Then it hit me, that is how we do it. One day at a time, one change at time, we adjust. Some days are crazy, some are easier, some are really hard and some are really good. This is life, it is about learning.
 That is how God wants me. Ready to learn, wanting to draw from His strength on the hard days, giving thanks even in the crazy, and enjoying the moments that we call life. These pictures are so random, but that is how our life is right now. I am learning that we always make time for what is important and what really matters to each of us.
 The dinosaurs are over taking my house! Today, I found one on top of my couch, guarding the pile of laundry and it made me laugh.
 Digging in the sand for dinosaurs with friends. These memories bring smiles to my face.
 I am thankful for this sassy girl. She always has a pose for the camera. She loves and forgives so unconditionally. She is teaching me.
 Jocelynne is so creative. This year she took extra time to make her letter to her Christmas friend special. She is realizing how much she has in life. I am humbled when I read her list of things she is giving thanks for this year:
*I have a warm house
*I have a good family
*My books, so I can read
*My toys I can play with
*Dad makes us laugh
*Mom makes good food. Yippy!
*My relatives
*I have good friends to play with.
 These two are always up to something. Playing on the book shelves, because mom still hasn't put the books back.
 Hey mom, I found "Chubby, chubby" That is what all worms are named.
Cuddles from Tia Julie.

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