Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Springtime, blooms and remembering....

 I love it when these miniature daffodils start blooming, spring is on its way! The kids got so excited this year. Every time a new flower bloomed they would call me to come look. It made me think of how much my Grandma Ardath loved flowers. It has been a year since she has passed. I miss her. I am grateful for all the things she taught me. I am also grateful that this is the time of year He chose to have her go. Its as if all is in full bloom celebrating her life.
This little guy is getting bigger and bigger! 6 months old, so much fun, two teeth and so many smiles he brings each day!
 March is also the month my Grandma Betty went home to be with Jesus. I was grateful to get her candy jar. She always offered us candy when we came over and so I filled it with lemon drops this year in her honor. This is just a little box of goodies I made...lemon drops included. :)
 Jocelynne has always been a big fan of themed parties. We were invited to a Star wars birthday and she chose to be Rey...so to the thrift store we headed to find a few things to throw together.
 This is what we came up with - an old belt, an adult sized capri and a long sleeve shirt.
 Sew a few seams...and this is what we came up with. The birthday was really fun.
Not to be out done, Emily poses with a costume borrowed from a friend.
 The kids and I put together this tomb made from rocks in the yard and a small old pot on its side covered with dirt and moss. You can't see, but there are sins written on most of them. They are gray and dirty. We talk about why Jesus died for us. I forgot to take a picture of this same tomb on Easter morning. I changed most of the rocks for white ones symbolizing that He washes us white as snow, some butterflies and other animals all around symbolizing new life. He IS RISEN!

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