Monday, September 8, 2008


I decided to post a few things that inspire me throughout the week. Here are a few from last week.

My little girl mothering her lamb. She inspires me to be a better mother every day.

Delicious fruit that makes your mouth water.

Some colorful floats resting on the sandy beach.

Steamboat Rock with the beautiful sky above.

What inspires you?


michele said...

Your blog is very creative Maria. And steamboat rock is beautiful!

Amy Kruse said...

Ahhh I love the pic of Joc with her "baby" Sooo cute. We'll be seeing you guys soon!

Julie said...

love the picture of Jocelynne with her baby lamb. Your whole blog is so fun and creative. You always have such great pictures...and I know this sounds terrible, but I envy your life. You have have such a great husband, family, place to live...and I know things aren't always perfect, but you guys learn to take time for fun and enjoy life. love you. ~ your sis